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2015-07-MauraOur Fundraiser Auctions for Maura continue on Facebook…

We have lots of goodies so please check them out.  Even if you don’t find something you like, please share with your friends – they just might!

Christmas in July Facebook Auction

Here’s some background on Maura:

Maura is a 6 year old girl who was relinquished by her owner. Our vets suspect she has Wobbler Syndrome, a neurologic disease of dogs that affects their spine in the neck region.  It can cause a “wobbly” gait and eventually causes paralysis of all four legs. The affected dogs typically have spinal cord compression which causes a great deal of pain/discomfort.  Surgical treatment for Wobbler Syndrome offeres a success rate of about 80%.  Maura needs an MRI and a CAT scan, with estimated medical costs of $1,000.

Please support Maura’s auction to help us offset these costs.  Whether you bid or not, please share.