Foster a Greyhound

Foster applications are currently on hold. Check the GPAEC Facebook page for further updates.

Brindle greyhoundFoster homes are the framework of our adoption group and more are always needed for us to build and grow. Foster “parents” provide temporary, loving care for Greyhounds on their way to new lives. The effort isn’t all that taxing, but the rewards and gratification of fostering a Greyhound cannot be adequately explained in words. When you foster, you actually help two Greyhounds – the one you are fostering, and another waiting to come into our program.

Fostering is also a key part of the “right dog/right family” focus. Foster families take in a greyhound, introduce it to “pet life,” and provide insights and knowledge of the dog’s personality to prospective adopters. The end result is better adoptions.

If you live in the Pensacola/Fort Walton Beach area and would like to foster, please consider fostering at least once a year to help a deserving greyhound on its journey to a permanent, loving home.